Current Projects


'90 Mazda Miata

This Miata is undergoing extreme weight reduction. Currently in the process of removing the rest of the useless metal that will not be needed in the end. All the body panels have been removed which includes the doors.

'07 Honda Odyssey

Currently in the process of gathering parts for this build. At this moment all that has been done is replaced all the lights interior and exterior with LED lighting. This is a Navi/RES model without the Touring package.

Things Needed For Builds

We are always in need for that next part. Listed below issome upcoming things or services we will be needing soon
. If you or someone you know can help please contact us.


Door Bars

Need someone that can weld some door bars since I have removed the doors.


1.6 or 1.8

Current engine has crank issues. Need a 1.6 BNC or 1.8 engine.

Red LED Lights

Brake Lights

Need to come up with a brake light setup for the Miata.

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