First Test Run for Top Speed


Well we took it out and hit a top speed of 38mph. Which is better than we expected actually. So that’s probably all that will come out this motor probably just run it hard before it gets taken off. Might have another surprise coming soon. This is just an unedited […]

Torque Converter Problems


Well took out what has been deemed as the “Purple People Eater” due to itsobvious purple color and it just has stuck. Going to rip off the converter andthrow a clutch on it and run it the old way to see what kind of top speeds I can pull out […]

Bye Bye Subaru :(


An offer was made on the “Official Subaru” and I accepted it. It was a fun run and couldn’t asked for a more solid of a car to work with. I will never forget this car but as usual … let’s see whats next!!!

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