Forte Center LED Install

What will you need?

  • Lighted Center LED Light
  • 10mm Socket with a Ratchet
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver/Drillbit
  • Heatshrink/Electrical Tape/Butt Connectors (your preference)
  • Interior Removal Tools (Not Required But Makes It Easier)

Step #1 – Interior Removal

  • Remove the interior clips.
  • Pop open the trunk handle and remove both screws.

Step #2 – Tail Light Removal

  • You will need to remove both lights which is 3 10mm nuts.
  • After removing the outer trunk lights you will be able to be able to remove the center light by pulling it straight out.

Step #3 – Taking The Light Apart

  • Unplug the connectors for the light and pull the wiring plug out.
  • Remove screws and the plastic clips to separate the center reflector
  • Also remove the white clip (shown below) and use it on the light
  • Now clip in the new center LED light and you are ready to install!

Having problems putting your light back together? click here

Step #4 – Reinstalling the light

  • Run wire through the grommet for the trunk lid
  • Wiring diagram has been included below

Ok the rest of this is just reversing everything you did with the exception of wiring up the lights. I would assume if you decided to do this install yourself you are comfortable with wiring and can hook up the lights as needed by viewing my wiring diagram. I only wired in the power wire due to the lights on the trunk lid do not have any functions besides just being lit up. So I thought it look out of place to use the center light functions. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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