FJINC Cam Car – Update #3


Did a test run on the camera car today running a GoPro Hero 7 Black. Did quite well but did run into the woods as you can see from the picture. Ran over some rough terrain as well as some small speed runs. Video came out quite well and I […]

FJINC Cam Car – Update #1


Finally purchased a camera truck to run the GoPro. Picked this Traxxas Slash up earlier and it will be getting a mount for the go pro very shorty. Will not be able to run the Slash body so you may see me mess with it on the SCT Drag Car […]

Stayed Tune RC Race Day!


The Stay Tuned RC crew went out and made quite a few passes today and there were quite a few races that I caught in slow motion at the finish line. The videos are not able to be viewed publically but I am working on trying to start uploading videos […]

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